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AI Powered Growth

AI is a revolutionary tool, transforming how businesses operate. Let's explore how AI can enhance your operations, spark creativity, and improve communication in your organization.

No matter what your organization looks like - a public institution, a corporate entity, an SME, or a budding start-up - we're here to help you navigate the AI landscape. Our expert team can work with you to identify where AI could streamline your operations, foster creativity, and enhance communication.

Here's a little more about what we offer:

AI Ignite Talk: Picture a conversation that demystifies AI, offering a clear vision of its future and its implications for your business. Our talks aim to inspire your team and stimulate innovative thinking about how AI can drive growth.

Hands-On Training: Change can be challenging, but it's easier with the right support. We offer practical, hands-on training sessions that focus on AI use cases relevant to your team. We're here to support the early adopters in your organization and empower them to leverage AI in their roles.

Strategic Innovation Projects: We believe the best way to understand AI's potential is to see it in action. Join us on a strategic innovation project, and witness firsthand how AI can uncover new opportunities, catalyze growth, and transform your business.

Exploring AI doesn't have to be an intimidating journey. With our guidance, you can confidently navigate this exciting new territory and unlock the growth potential of your organization with AI.

AI Powered Growth

Open Innovation

Open Innovation programs fast-track development of novel ideas, products, or processes within your organization. Partner with us to invite diverse, out-of-the-box thinkers to create meaningful impact.

We are here to help you engineer such programs and foster valuable partnerships between your organization and smaller, specialized entities. Our heart lies particularly with tech-focused companies, like the vibrant start-ups in innovation hubs like Israel.

Venturing into open innovation can offer numerous benefits:

Quick Market Entry: Swiftly transition novel ideas into market-ready solutions.

Informed Decision-Making: Leverage a structured process for evaluating fresh ideas, ensuring you make knowledgeable choices about which projects to pursue.

Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies: Particularly sustainable technologies, that align with a forward-thinking business ethos.

Product & Service Diversification: Keep your offerings diverse and dynamic to maintain an edge in the market.

Enhanced Collaboration: Foster a culture that values teamwork and cross-functional collaboration, breaking down silos and encouraging innovation at every level.

In essence, open innovation accelerators equip your organization with an agile, focused, and effective means to fuel innovation. They keep you not just in the game but ahead of the curve, positioning your business as a leader in an ever-evolving market.

Open Innovation

Future Work

To thrive in a constantly evolving business environment, an innovative work culture is essential. It's about creating a workplace that champions new ideas and encourages continual improvement.

This change in dynamics can lead to numerous advantages:

Employee Engagement: Cultivating an innovative culture boosts motivation and engagement among employees.

Continual Improvement: An innovative environment fosters continuous enhancement of products, processes, and strategies.

Calculated Risks: Encouraging informed risk-taking can lead to breakthrough advancements.

Talent Attraction: A dynamic and innovative culture is a magnet for top industry talent.

Increased Agility: An innovative organization adapts swiftly to market changes and evolving customer needs.

At its core, an innovative work culture is a crucial asset for your organization's impact and growth trajectory. It's about creating a space where new ideas are continuously born, executed, and refined. Unleash the power of innovative work dynamics and prepare to see the ripple effect across your business.

Future Work

Amplified Impact

Scaling up is an integral part of growth - but it's often a complex process. We specialize in turning successful pilot initiatives into large-scale operations that drive significant change.

Our Amplified Impact services offer:

Scalability Analysis: We examine your successful projects, identify their core strengths, and determine how these elements can be expanded to a larger scale, driving greater impact.

Innovation Portfolio Managment: We assess your current innovation projects, identify gaps and opportunities, and ensure your portfolio is diversified and aligned with your strategic goals.

Project Prioritization: Not all innovations are created equal. We help rank your projects based on strategic fit, potential impact, and risk to help you focus resources effectively.

Training and Capacity Building: As your operation grows, your team needs to grow with it. We offer training programs and workshops to ensure your team is equipped to handle the change.

Partnership Development: As you scale, you'll need to form new partnerships and strengthen existing ones. We help identify potential partners and facilitate connections to boost your scalability.

Continuous Improvement and Evaluation: We help set up systems to monitor your scaled-up operations, gather data, and use it to drive continuous improvement.

Partner with us on your scaling journey and realize your project's potential to reach new geographies, benefit more people, and make a larger impact.


Amplified Impact

Fresh Strategy has been a gamechanger in strengthening our organisation’s strategy and innovation capabilities.

Pascale Thiévent, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Full of positive energy and ideas.

Julian Rossy, Head of Service Excellence, Fairtiq

Clear communication, concise style and innovative approach create an extremely effective working relationship.

Siew-Veena Sahi, CEO & Co-founder, Testmate Health

High level of experience, in-depth knowledge, and exciting connections between business and innovation accelerating have led to promising cutting-edge solutions

Susanna Graf, Project Manager, Swiss Humanitarian Aid

Thanks to Fresh Strategy’s clear and forward-thinking feedback, we were able to get a long-term view on our strategy and business model to mitigate risks in the future.

Larina Laube, Co-founder, NOW Care



We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” approaches or silver bullets, even if others make you think they exist. We tailor the approach to your unique needs and pace.

in Practice

We know what does and doesn’t work in contemporary theory because we’re practitioners. We develop a clear pathway to action and support you throughout execution.


We ensure our knowhow is transferred to your teams so you can “fly on your own”. You are part of the journey and acquire our skills and expertise throughout the process.


Unlike other consultancies, we have first-hand experience in organizations like yours. We understand your context and can provide insights based on what actually works.


We are a team of strategists, systemic thinkers, designers, sustainability and knowledge management experts, tech optimists and down-to-earth doers.

& Co-creation

Real success isn’t possible without team work, which is why we integrate our team with yours on every step of the process.

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Interested in our speeches?

We are more than happy to share the presentation decks with you! Fill this form to download a PDF of the slides.

By sending the form, you agree with the Privacy Policy.