The Secret Ingredient is AI: The Birth of the Fluffalicious

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How to create AI-Driven Innovation

At Swiss Startup Days, we had the honor of presenting our session titled “AI Unboxed: Top Tips for Startups & Investors.” During this insightful event, we explored the limitless possibilities of AI tools and their potential to drive innovation. In just 45 minutes, we uncovered a wealth of knowledge that we’re excited to share with you. Join us as we unveil the transformative power of AI and its impact on shaping the future of business.

Engaging AI for Market Exploration

Our journey began with a simple idea: to create a food tech business. But how could we bring this idea to life? That’s where GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) came in. We asked the AI to create a fictional handheld dessert from an imaginary country, and it helped us brainstorm ideas, refine our concept, and even come up with a catchy name of our product – the Fluffalicious. This dessert, a delightful blend of fluffy marshmallows and customizable toppings, was born out of a harmonious blend of human creativity and AI innovation.

But our work with GPT didn’t stop at brainstorming. We tasked GPT to switch its role to a food tech expert to help us construct a comprehensive business plan. With its help, we computed costs, devised personas, and drafted persuasive pitches to potential partners.

Fluffalicious Financials by GPT
Fluffalicious Financials by GPT

Bringing the Fluffalicious to Life

Next, we sought to give form to our Fluffalicious. Midjourney, our visual AI partner, designed a vibrant, captivating image that encapsulated the essence of our dessert.

freshstrategy the fluffalicious is a handheld dessert
The Fluffalicious by Midjourney

To tell our story more vividly, Synthesia came on board to help us present our creation through a compelling video. This engaging visual narrative effectively captured the unique allure of the Fluffalicious.


Adding another layer to our venture, we leveraged GPT to create a critical nutritionist review of the Fluffalicious. In order to showcase different tools, we applied different text-to-voice technologies to vocalize this review. One version was created using 11Labs’ voice-cloning technology, producing the presenter’s voice. Another was generated using the GPT plugin Speechki. 

Text-to-Voice using voice-cloning by 11 Labs


Text-to-Voice using GPT Plugin Speechki

Lessons from Our AI-Powered Journey

From this unique adventure, key lessons emerged:

  • Be an idiot – no need to be clever to use AI
  • Set the context or frame – to increase the relevance of the answers
  • Nudge or change prompts to get AI to do better
  • Don’t believe everything it says – AI makes mistakes
  • AI is more than GPT/Text
  • Make mistakes, be creative and have fun!

Conclusion: The Impact of AI on Innovation

The Fluffalicious is more than just a dessert; it’s a symbol. It represents how AI can turn ideas into reality and illustrates the transformative potential of technology on creativity and business operations. 

The impact of AI on innovation is undeniable. It surpasses traditional methods in terms of speed, enabling us to accomplish tasks more efficiently than ever before. We acknowledge AI’s remarkable progress and eagerly anticipate future advancements. After all, it’s only May 2023.



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